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Commonwealth Recognizes the Service & Sacrifices of the 28th Massachusetts

In December 2011, Gov. Deval L. Patrick issued a proclamation recognizing the 150th anniversary of the 28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment being mustered into the Union Army.

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Sun Chronicle

A Civil Event: Re-enactors
Set to Mark War's Anniversary

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Remembering Private Ryan

The Commonwealth Museum at the State Archives on Columbia Point in Dorechester features a permanent exhibit that traces the experiences of natives and immigrants throughout Bay State history.

Image of Pvt. John RyanThe family of Pvt. John Ryan - who served in both the 28th and 61st Massachusetts infantry regiments, later under Gen. George A. Custer during the Indian Wars and, after surviving the Battle of Little Big Horn, as a captain in the Newton Police Department - was selected to represent the experience of Irish immigrants.

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