Roll of Honor

According to the official report of the Adjutant General, 404 men of the 28th Massachusetts died while in service. This
includes 231 killed and mortally wounded, 34 missing in action, 89 died by accident or disease, and 50 who died as
prisoners of war. But the real toll of the war will never be known. The list that follows is taken from the official records
and only contains those men who died while in the service of the United States. Many others were discharged due to their
wounds and likely succumbed to the effects of these injuries within a few weeks or months afterwards. Even more were
discharged on account of disability, usually suffering from the effects of a debilitating illness that may also have resulted
in death. The rank and company identification shown below are those held at the time of the soldier's death. To find a
soldier on the rosters located elsewhere on this web page, check the company designation in parentheses.

Men of the 28th Massachusetts Killed or Mortally Wounded in Action

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