Company G

Company G was recruited in the fall of 1861. Although most of the men of this company were from Boston and Cambridge, a large number were also recruited from Natickat the time it was formed. The first Captain of Company G was Alexander Blaney, a 31-year old Boston trader. He led the regiment until he resigned and was discharged on July 26, 1862. At the end of 1864, the soldiers of Company G were transferred to Company E at the time regiment was consolidated into a battalion of five companies.

Three members of Company G who enlisted at the time the regiment was formed in 1861 were commissioned from the ranks. Thomas Cook, a 23-year old Boston printer enlisted as a Private and was wounded in battle four times. His steadfast service to his country was finally recognized in January, 1865, when he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Edward F. O'Brien, a 28-year old civil engineer, began his service as 1st Sergeant of Company G. In spite of a wound at 2nd Bull Run, he earned promotion to Sergeant Major in May,1863. By October, he was commissioned 1st Lieutenant in Company A, where he served until suffering a severe wound at Cold Harbor that eventually led to his discharge in October, 1864. Finally, Edwin J. Weller, a 39-year old artist from Boston, was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant from Corporal in October, 1862. He subsequently was killed in battle at Fredericksburg.

A total of 117 enlisted men served in Company G during the three years of its existence in the field. Of this number, 19 men were killed in action, 1 was reported missing in action and presumed killed, 10 died by accident or disease, and 4 died as prisoners of war for a total of 34 men (29%). This was the second highest percentage loss for any company in the regiment.

Roster of Company G

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