Company F

Company F was recruited during the fall of 1861, with most of its original members coming from the Boston area. Of
these, an unusually large number came from Roxbury (33) and Cambridge (16). The first Captain of Company F was
John Riley, a 32 year-old carpenter from Boston. He resigned and was discharged on account of physical disability on
December 31, 1862. The surviving members of Company F were merged into Company C when the 28th Massachusetts
was reorganized as a battalion of five companies at the end of 1864.

A total of 124 enlisted men served in Company F during the three years it was in existence. Notable among these was
Sergeant John R. Stitt, a 32-year old Boston clerk who rose from the ranks to be commissioned to 1st Lieutenant by
September 1862. He was wounded at 2nd Bull Run, and eventually forced to resign in April of 1863. Total losses for
Company F include 18 men killed or mortally wounded in action, 3 counted as missing in action, 6 who died by accident
or disease, and 8 who died as prisoners of war for a total of 35 or 28% of the company.

Roster of Company F

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